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Friday, October 21, 2011

Sherlock Holmes vs. Dracula? Yes Please!

Bill Cunningham -- the mad pulp bastard -- and his crew over at Pulp 2.0 are releasing a string of exciting products over the next few months. This week, they announced the release (digitally and physically) of THE MIRACLE SQUAD, a comic series that was originally published by Fantagraphics in 1987.

This is the first time that THE MIRACLE SQUAD has been sold in a collected edition, and the book provides a nice glimpse into the halcyon age of independent comic books. During the 1980s, direct comic book stores were on the rise and so were quality independent titles. It was an exciting time to be a fan of comics, a time when the medium itself was in transition as it adapted to new business models (the "death" of newstand and the birth of "direct sales" which allowed greater access to customers and greater interaction with customers) and new technologies (more sophisticated printing techniques, better paper).

In many ways, it was a period like today. The market is once again becoming more consumer driven as creators become less dependent on retail stores to give them direct access to consumers, just as the direct market allowed companies to target a market more accurately than convenience stores, supermarkets, and newstands. Bill, and the folks at Pulp 2.0, understand this market change isn't "coming," it's here. There upcoming line of books seeks to demonstrate that not only is the new market capable of allowing companies to profit with new offerings, but that it allows a unique opportunity to make sure that no product ever goes out of print again. Let me say that one more time.  

The new publishing market provides a unique opportunity to make sure that no product ever goes out of print again!

This means that publishers big and small, and creators have opportunities to generate revenue that were before unimaginable. Enough about the market, how exciting it is, and how smart Bill is about this topic. Let's get to the real issue being discussed here, Dracula and Sherlock Holmes.

This December, Pulp 2.0 will be releasing a 25th anniversary collected edition of SCARLET IN GASLIGHT by Martin Powell and Seppo Makinen. The series collected in the 25th anniversary edition has been praised in the Washington Post -- of all places -- and is a highly entertaining read. Rumor has it that Bill has licensed additional books in the series as well. SCARLET IN GASLIGHT was published by the now defunct Eclipse Comics (publishers of MIRACLEMAN, THE ROCKETEER, and SCOUT) presents a confrontation between two of the most iconic figures in literature, Sherlock Holmes and Count Dracula. In 2011, this is a pretty common mashup idea, but Powell and Makinen execute the idea very successfully. I cannot wait to see how the Pulp 2.0 crew have packaged this edition. I'm sure to buy it in print and digitally!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Agent 13 Returns -- Pulp 2.0 Reprinting Classic TSR Pulp Title

My good friend, and former Geekerati Co-host, Bill Cunningham recently announced that his independent publishing company Pulp 2.0 will be republishing the Agent 13 novels that TSR printed in the late 80s. The Agent 13 character was featured in a trilogy of novels written by Flint Dille and Dave Marconi, in a set of comic books, and in an excellent Top Secret S.I. setting/supplement.

When Bill told me the news, I was extremely excited. I have been a fan of the Agent 13 character for some time and the Agent 13 Sourcebook is one of my prized gamebook possesssions.

I only hope that Bill and Flint will be releasing/licensing new RPG or Boardgame material based on this great character.

You can read the full press release below (I don't normally cut and paste press releases, but Bill covers all the bases).

Pulp Publisher to Collect the AGENT 13 Novels by Flint Dille and David Marconi

Los Angeles, CA - Pulp 2.0 Press CEO Bill Cunningham today announced that the company has signed an agreement to redesign and republish the adventures of the classic pulp character, Agent 13,  created and written by Flint Dille (Transformers G1) and David Marconi (Enemy of the State). This Pulp 2.0 collector’ edition titled The Agent 13 Dossier will be exclusively in print, and will collect all three of the original Agent 13 novels as well as exclusive features disclosing the secrets behind the mysterious Midnight Avenger.

Agent 13 was originally published in 1986 by TSR in a trilogy of novels - The Invisible Empire, The Serpentine Assassin and Acolytes of Darkness.  The character spawned a set of graphic novels drawn by artist Dan Spiegle (with covers by Jeff Butler) as well as a role-playing game and comic. Kidnapped as a young child in 1907, a gifted boy was brought to The Shrine, the hidden headquarters of the ancient organization known as The Brotherhood. His past memories were erased, he was assigned the title Agent 13 and trained as an assassin and agent in clandestine operations. He became the best disciple and would have risen high in the ranks of the Brotherhood, until he discovered its true evil nature under its cadaverous leader, Itsu - The Hand Sinister. Fleeing The Brotherhood he is hunted by their ninja-like agents, and begins a deadly cat-and-mouse contest against the organization. He fights back, forming his own group of allies against the Brotherhood who dare to plunge the world toward war.

“Agent 13 is Dille and Marconi’s love letter to the pulps, cliffhanger serials and comics. We at Pulp 2.0 are ecstatic to present our readers with these great pulp adventures in an exclusive collector’s print edition,” said Pulp 2.0 CEO Bill Cunningham.  “I remember reading... okay devouring these books when they first came out, and I’ve always loved the world and characters that Flint and David created.  To be able to design a new edition to share these rare novels and the secrets behind Agent 13 is an honor.”

“We were sitting in Flint’s living room one day, and we started jamming ideas back and forth. Flint was a big fan of the pulps and he showed me some of the old materials he had. He had a book featuring the old pulp covers that we looked at that was very inspiring. I had just written some screenplays for Warner Brothers and had good relationships there, and said that if we came up with an interesting story/pitch about this stuff, we can possibly set it up as a screenplay to write.’ So we originally developed AGENT 13 as a studio pitch to set up as a film, and spent quite a lot of time developing the story and characters as we pitched it around to the various producer/buyers around town,” said co-creator David Marconi.

“Then, when the movie wasn’t getting set up as quickly as we hoped, but the story had progressed to the level where we had all the characters and everything else worked out, we decided to just write the book. Flint  had access to Random House through Gary Gygax and TSR, so we were able to get a publishing deal, and dove straight into Agent 13 novel world. Which at the end of the day, was more fun in that it allowed us to go much deeper into the characters and backstory which can’t be explored in great detail in a 2 hour script format.”

More details will be forthcoming as the project progresses. The Agent 13 contract was negotiated on behalf of the creators by Howard Bliss of Union Entertainment.

About Flint Dille:

Flint Dille is a living embodiment of Transmedia. His career started by turning toys into TV Shows with G1 Transformers, G.I. Joe, Inhumanoids and Visionaries.  He has designed games with Gary Gygax and written movies for Steven Spielberg. Flint has sold game design documents as feature films - Venom  (Dimension 2006) and Agent In Place (Lionsgate 2010).   Flint directed the interactive movie Terror T.R.A.X., Track of the Vampyre which became a television pilot for Fox as well as Dragonstrike, one of the first hybrid film projects.  

Flint has twice won 'Game Script of the Year' (Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay (with JZP) and Dead to Rights and was nominated for Ghostbusters and Dark Athena.  He has worked on crown jewel franchises including James Bond, Mission: Impossible, Tiny Toons, Batman: Rise of Sin Tsu (Guiness Book of Videogame Records for creating the first Batman villain outside of the comics), Superman, Dungeons & Dragons, Teen Titans and Scooby-Doo.

He has a degree in Ancient History from U.C. Berkeley and an MFA from USC.  Currently, Flint is teaching a class on Alternate Reality Games at UCLA.  His follow up book to The Ultimate Guide to Video Game Writing and Design is about Transmedia.

About David Marconi:

A native of Highland Park, Ill., Marconi was passionate about film making from an early age.  After winning several high-school film making competitions, Marconi was awarded an Alumni Merit Scholarship to attend the University of Southern California's Film School.  Upon graduation, landed his first job as Francis Ford Coppola's assistant on The Outsiders.  

Working closely with Coppola, Marconi "cut his directing teeth" watching Francis direct both The Outsiders and Rumblefish. In 1993, Marconi wrote and directed his first feature, The Harvest, (Columbia TriStar).   The film premiered in the 'official selection' of the San Sebastian Film Festival and went on to win numerous awards in International Film festivals.

The success of The Harvest brought Marconi to the attention of  Simpson/Bruckheimer who commissioned Marconi to write his original screenplay Enemy of the State (Disney) starring Will Smith and Gene Hackman.  Marconi continued  creating tent-pole action films for the major studios; (which served as the basis for the Die Hard sequel; Live Free or Die Hard ) (Twentieth Century Fox,) Perfect Suspect for Chris Rock (Twentieth Century Fox,) and the high-tech., science fiction epic; No Man's Land.  (Dreamworks.)

Most recently, Marconi was a featured guest speaker for IADC, International Attorney's Defense Council, and the Department of Defense Cyber-Crime Conference where he lectured on his film Enemy of the State and how it relates to privacy concerns and cyber-warfare in a post 9-11 world.  2011 will mark Marconi's second foray behind the lens as a writer/director with his new feature film; INTERSECTION, a gritty thriller currently in pre-production being produced by Luc Besson, the director of THE PROFESSIONAL, FIFTH ELEMENT and Europa Corp.  Holding duel citizenship for the US and EU (Italy,) Marconi divides his time between Los Angeles and Europe.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

PULP 2.0 Press Publising BROTHER BLOOD

I don't normally cut and paste press releases on this site, but I am making an exception in this case. PULP 2.0's publisher Bill Cunningham is a friend of Cinerati and he has a strong vision with regards to promoting modern pulp fiction. Cunningham remembers well the bygone days when a young reader could pick up action packed fiction filled with references to "blazing twin .45s" where "sinister cabals" lurked around every corner, and where only heroes who were quick to pull the trigger could save the day. This was back before publishers decided that "Young Adult" readers "needed" heroes who "stupified" and "paralyzed" their opponents. The stakes were life and death, and the heroes meted out death with righteousness.

Cunningham's PULP 2.0 production company is releasing a series of book and other products that revel in this pulp spirit. In the tradition of the classic film Blacula, their first publication is the blaxploitation novel BROTHER BLOOD.

For Immediate Release:
Pulp 2.0 Press

New Publisher Pulp 2.0 Press Officially Launches
with Author Donald F. Glut's
Lost Vampire Blaxploitation Novel BROTHER BLOOD

Company to specialize in quality pulp entertainment, reprinting rare classics and developing new properties
in the classic pulp form for the Horror, Scifi and Action-Adventure audiences

Los Angeles, CA - Bill Cunningham, the Mad Pulp Bastard (yes, that's his job title) of new publishing label Pulp 2.0 Press today announced its premiere pulp novel release, Brother Blood from author Donald F. Glut (The Empire Strikes Back novelization, TV's Transformers, The X-Men and comics' The Occult Files of Doctor Spektor). Brother Blood is a horror "blaxploitation" novel set in 1969 Los Angeles in and around the world famous landmarks of the Sunset Strip. Sexy Preston Duval is a sinister vampire stalking the streets of Los Angeles, building a vampire army to take over the city.

"Brother Blood is an old school pulp novel that captures the tone of the sort of material we'll be publishing here at Pulp 2.0 Press," said Cunningham. "Besides being a piece of pure entertainment, Blood captures the feeling of the time - having been originally written in 1969, three years before Blacula - and is premiering in english and novel form. It was published previously in the 70's in an edited, magazine form in German. "

Brother Blood will be published and distributed worldwide through Createspace's ( print-on- demand service and with low-cost digital editions available later for Kindle and other e-readers. Each print edition will feature "Extras" containing behind-the-scenes information, articles, photo essays and other exclusive entertainment.

In addition to collectible print editions for all of their releases, Pulp 2.0 Press has launched a promotion program for each of their titles. Starting with Brother Blood each Pulp 2.0 title will also feature signed extremely limited edition cover proofs that will be available free to only five lucky readers who are the first ones to send in pictures with themselves holding the book. Winners will be posted on the company's Facebook page: (

In addition to the signed cover proof promotions, each title will be supported with various types of merchandise geared toward fans - posters, t-shirts and branded novelty items. Quality pulp entertainment items that fans can easily acquire.

"The whole company came about because so many cool pulp and exploitation novels that I wanted to read had fallen out of print and were really hard to track down. I figured that if the only way I was going to be able to read these books in affordable editions was to publish them - then I would do that. I tracked Don (Glut) down and licensed several of his books - more of which we'll announce soon - and got underway."

Cunningham added, " Since that initial startup we've added several artists and writers to the mix as well as a web marketing manager. We've all signed on to the idea of creating the kind of books we as fans want to see and figuring the best way to make pulp fiction fans happy. As a youngster I remember the classic Famous Monsters magazine and how editor Forrest J. Ackerman used to get monster fans involved. Those fans eventually grew up to become the very professionals they were enamored with in the first place. You'll recognize some of the names: John Carpenter, Joe Dante and yes, Donald F. Glut. Thanks to the internet and meeting fans at conventions we can do the same and connect them with quality genre entertainment more than ever before - hence, the name and the mission Pulp 2.0. "

# # #

For more information, or to schedule an interview please contact:
Twitter: @madpulpbastard

Brother Blood
By Donald F Glut, cover art by Nik Macaluso from Pulp 2.0 Press

The classic vampire "blaxploitation" novel from author Donald F. Glut (THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, TRANSFORMERS). A vampire stalks 1969's groovy Sunset Strip. The police are clueless but a trio of true believers know the horror in their midst. Written in the same style as the original Dracula, Brother Blood is a bloodsucker for the Groovy Age.

Publication Date:Feb 05 2010
ISBN/EAN13:1450576397 / 9781450576390
Page Count: 372
Binding Type: US Trade Paper
Trim Size: 5.25" x 8"
Language: English
Color:Black and White
Related Categories: Fiction / Horror
Retail: $18.99