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PULP 2.0 Press Publising BROTHER BLOOD

I don't normally cut and paste press releases on this site, but I am making an exception in this case. PULP 2.0's publisher Bill Cunningham is a friend of Cinerati and he has a strong vision with regards to promoting modern pulp fiction. Cunningham remembers well the bygone days when a young reader could pick up action packed fiction filled with references to "blazing twin .45s" where "sinister cabals" lurked around every corner, and where only heroes who were quick to pull the trigger could save the day. This was back before publishers decided that "Young Adult" readers "needed" heroes who "stupified" and "paralyzed" their opponents. The stakes were life and death, and the heroes meted out death with righteousness.

Cunningham's PULP 2.0 production company is releasing a series of book and other products that revel in this pulp spirit. In the tradition of the classic film Blacula, their first publication is the blaxploitation novel BROTHER BLOOD.

For Immediate Release:
Pulp 2.0 Press

New Publisher Pulp 2.0 Press Officially Launches
with Author Donald F. Glut's
Lost Vampire Blaxploitation Novel BROTHER BLOOD

Company to specialize in quality pulp entertainment, reprinting rare classics and developing new properties
in the classic pulp form for the Horror, Scifi and Action-Adventure audiences

Los Angeles, CA - Bill Cunningham, the Mad Pulp Bastard (yes, that's his job title) of new publishing label Pulp 2.0 Press today announced its premiere pulp novel release, Brother Blood from author Donald F. Glut (The Empire Strikes Back novelization, TV's Transformers, The X-Men and comics' The Occult Files of Doctor Spektor). Brother Blood is a horror "blaxploitation" novel set in 1969 Los Angeles in and around the world famous landmarks of the Sunset Strip. Sexy Preston Duval is a sinister vampire stalking the streets of Los Angeles, building a vampire army to take over the city.

"Brother Blood is an old school pulp novel that captures the tone of the sort of material we'll be publishing here at Pulp 2.0 Press," said Cunningham. "Besides being a piece of pure entertainment, Blood captures the feeling of the time - having been originally written in 1969, three years before Blacula - and is premiering in english and novel form. It was published previously in the 70's in an edited, magazine form in German. "

Brother Blood will be published and distributed worldwide through Createspace's ( print-on- demand service and with low-cost digital editions available later for Kindle and other e-readers. Each print edition will feature "Extras" containing behind-the-scenes information, articles, photo essays and other exclusive entertainment.

In addition to collectible print editions for all of their releases, Pulp 2.0 Press has launched a promotion program for each of their titles. Starting with Brother Blood each Pulp 2.0 title will also feature signed extremely limited edition cover proofs that will be available free to only five lucky readers who are the first ones to send in pictures with themselves holding the book. Winners will be posted on the company's Facebook page: (

In addition to the signed cover proof promotions, each title will be supported with various types of merchandise geared toward fans - posters, t-shirts and branded novelty items. Quality pulp entertainment items that fans can easily acquire.

"The whole company came about because so many cool pulp and exploitation novels that I wanted to read had fallen out of print and were really hard to track down. I figured that if the only way I was going to be able to read these books in affordable editions was to publish them - then I would do that. I tracked Don (Glut) down and licensed several of his books - more of which we'll announce soon - and got underway."

Cunningham added, " Since that initial startup we've added several artists and writers to the mix as well as a web marketing manager. We've all signed on to the idea of creating the kind of books we as fans want to see and figuring the best way to make pulp fiction fans happy. As a youngster I remember the classic Famous Monsters magazine and how editor Forrest J. Ackerman used to get monster fans involved. Those fans eventually grew up to become the very professionals they were enamored with in the first place. You'll recognize some of the names: John Carpenter, Joe Dante and yes, Donald F. Glut. Thanks to the internet and meeting fans at conventions we can do the same and connect them with quality genre entertainment more than ever before - hence, the name and the mission Pulp 2.0. "

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For more information, or to schedule an interview please contact:
Twitter: @madpulpbastard

Brother Blood
By Donald F Glut, cover art by Nik Macaluso from Pulp 2.0 Press

The classic vampire "blaxploitation" novel from author Donald F. Glut (THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, TRANSFORMERS). A vampire stalks 1969's groovy Sunset Strip. The police are clueless but a trio of true believers know the horror in their midst. Written in the same style as the original Dracula, Brother Blood is a bloodsucker for the Groovy Age.

Publication Date:Feb 05 2010
ISBN/EAN13:1450576397 / 9781450576390
Page Count: 372
Binding Type: US Trade Paper
Trim Size: 5.25" x 8"
Language: English
Color:Black and White
Related Categories: Fiction / Horror
Retail: $18.99

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