Thursday, July 16, 2009

Geekerati Discusses the Ins and Outs of San Diego Comic Con

Last Sunday, the Geeks at Geekerati hosted this year's first episode of their annual Comic Con episode series. The Geeks are all experienced attendees of the San Diego Comic Con and have witnessed it grow from a well attended comic book convention to the monolithic pop culture extravaganza that the event is today.

In last Sunday's episode, the geeks provided answers to some of the Frequently Asked Questions about the convention. The discussion used Shawna Benson's excellent Shouting at the Wind "REAL Guide to the San Diego Comic Con" as the outline for the conversation. Benson has been a member of the Geekerati crew for over two years and provides wonderful insight into the television and film aspects of the convention.

This Sunday, the Geeks will be discussing the lesser known aspects of SDCC. In addition to Comic Book and films about Comic Books, the SDCC has events and panels that span all pop culture interests. Whether you love SF/Fantasy literature, old horror movies, Pulp Fiction like HP Lovecraft and Robert E Howard, or have a deep affection for video games and table top gaming, the SDCC has events geared toward your interests. Stop by this Sunday night at 6pm Pacific at to offer your insights are to ask questions of our expert panel.

Joining the Geeks in their discussion this Sunday will be Dominic Crapuchettes, the game designer responsible for the award winning Wits and Wagers and Say Anything! party games.

Past guests on the show have included:

  • Film and Television writer John Rogers discussing the writer strike, LEVERAGE, and comic books.
  • Dave Goetsch (Co-Executive Producer on Big Bang Theory)
  • Television writer/producer Tim Minear (Angel/Firefly) discussing the writer strike.
  • Television writer/producer Rob Long(Cheers) discussing the writer strike.
  • Variety editors David S. Cohen and Peter Debruge discussing film animation and this year's crop of films, including the remarkable 3D animation on BEOWULF.
  • Game Designer and Author Matt Forbeck.
  • Science Fiction author Susan Palwick who discussed her excellent novel "Shelter"
  • Comic Writer/Reporter Marc Bernardin discussing his Highwaymen comic book.
  • Film Critics Luke Y. Thompson (The OC Weekly) and David Chute (The LA Weekly and
  • Wold Newton Historian Win Eckert discussing pulps and the Wold Newton Universe.
  • Comic Book editor and author Jeff Mariotte
  • Game Designer James Lowder.
  • Many others, including Shelly Mazzanoble (Confessions of a Part-Time Sorceress)
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