Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Boston Legal Lets Go of Four Actors Due to Zombie Apocalypse (BLITEOTW)

According to TV Guide, Julie Bowen, Mark Valley, Rene Auberjonois and Constance Zimmer won't appear during episodes of Boston Legal this fall. The underlying cause for the actors being dropped appears to be the Zombie Apocalypse which began this morning, though the particular reasons each of the actors won't be on the show next season vary.

A few of my friends, in the recently created Zombie Annihilation Unit of LAPD, have confirmed that Julie Bowen has refused to leave her house until society becomes more stable. Not surprising given the close proximity her house has to several Los Angeles cemeteries. The last thing I would want experience when walking out of my house is some dessicated and rotting starlet from the Silent Era trying to eat my brains. Particularly since I couldn't be sure whether the Starlet was doing it due to "hunger" or just jealousy that I was working.

As for Mark Valley, it seems he thought that he was as tough as his counterpart on the show and tried to "help" local law enforcement "take care" of the zombie problem. he's a part of the problem. I just saw his corpse moaning on exclusive TMZ footage.

I have yet to read any news regarding Rene Auberjonois and Constance Zimmer, but I would like to express my disappointment that Constance in particular won't be back. I have a big crush on her and would be willing to watch even a zombie Constance on the show. Just imagine how much more complex her character's relationship with Clarence might be if Clarence had to deal with the constant threat of having his brains devoured by his girlfriend. Could Clavant, or Clarice for that matter, handle that? I think not.

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