Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Vecna is Doing What?!

For those who have long wondered what the Lord of Secrets has been planning, the BBC has the scoop. It appears that, having achieved the status of Lesser God, Vecna has done what any intelligent, self-serving, deity in search of new followers would do. He has become a contractor with the US Military.

That's right, Vecna, the most reviled lich in Greyhawk history, the villain whose hand and eye have been coveted by the most greedy adventurers, has designed a "Teddy Bear" looking robot to help extract wounded soldiers from dangerous battlezones.

Who knew that Vecna was making Warforged? I thought that was the purview of Merrix D'Cannith.

Is this Lesser God...

Planning on taking over the world with these?

BEAR Image Source: Vecna Technologies, Inc.
Vecna Image Source: Wizards of the Coast.
Hat Tip: Ziggurat of Doom.

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