Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Yeah, so the timing on this is pretty ironic. I mean, I just started on an anti-hypertension diet yesterday, and now it looks like it was a bit too late. Or maybe too early on the other hand. I mean, who cares about high blood pressure when you have zombies around, anyway?

Ironically, if zombies were to eat my mortgage company and a certain attorney, I think I'd be feeling a lot less stressed out at the moment. I suppose I prefer even attorneys to zombies, anyway.

I guess the new diet will be helpful if I ever have to run from some zombie gang, but I'd hate to get in shape just in time to join the ranks of the undead. I mean, I haven't seen many fat zombies anyway--I guess brains don't exactly have a lot of saturated fat--but then again that may just be selection bias. Maybe the films of fat zombies don't make it on the news. That would be typical.

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