Friday, May 12, 2006

I Had Hoped For Questions and Answers...

but I guess I'll have to settle for Question and Answer. I only received on question for this week's Q&A, though I hope that number will increase in the future.

How come you never answer email?
-- David N. Scott

That's a good question, at least coming from David. The quick answer...for the same reason I TiVo things.

The slightly longer answer is that I really only have time to check email when I am at work and I have to prioritize emails. Fifteen minute breaks only give so much time for typing and if I want to rush out a blog post, well I have to push some things down the list.

An even longer explanation is that David's emails to me typically involve attending an event organized at his household. I have been to one of his events and it was a very good time, but two things conspire against my being able to give prompt responses to his invitiations. Well, technically one reason, but two subsets of the same reason. The first is that my wife's and I rarely see each other during the week. Unlike David and his wife Julie, my wife an I work in different towns, let alone different businesses. But that's Southern California for you. I work for a non-profit in Glendora and she works for a writer on the Paramount lot as you can see these aren't next door. But the distance is only a part of the reason I don't see my wife often. The second is that working in the entertainment industry requires a lot of hours. Her current job isn't as bad a William Morris, or when she was working on a small movie, but it is very time consuming. End result is...I make sure to get my daily hour and a half of conversation time with my wife. Sometimes this means staying up late, but it is always worth it.

What about the time I am waiting? I read at the local Starbucks, cook dinner, work on school papers, or watch baseball while reading.

The second reason, an extension of the first as I said, is that I don't know my wife's schedule on a regular basis. Sometimes I don't even know my own. Things can come up at a moments notice and alter our plans. I don't like to commit to events/fun if I don't know if I will be able to or not. Oh, and since weekends are the only time I get to see my wife for more than my joyous hour and a half, I have to see if she can/wants to attend event x with our limited time. She's a nice person and wants to take into consideration all of our possible activities. Thus I can't often answer til the last minute or sometimes not at all due to the whole lack of time thing.

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