Friday, May 12, 2006

Cinerati: The Origin.

Regular reader, JC Loophole, wanted to know how Cinerati got started and what our superpowers and secret origins are.

Let me turn the dial back on the wayback machine, step into the Tardis, sit in the Time Machine, and wiggle my fingers going "Wheeeooo, wheeeooo" like Wayne and Garth...

We find ourselves in March of 2004, blogs have been around for some time but have yet to "explode" as they will during the 2004 election cycle. Still Christian is far from cutting edge when he decides to band together with a group of friends to create an online community dedicated to the discussion of popular culture. Christian's plan is to have a pop culture version of National Review's Corner or The New Republic's &c. This website is to be a place where conversations occur, among friends, sometime disagreements will arise, but the conversations will be fun and engaging.

With this dream in mind Christian Johnson, calling himself Number One referring to the television series "The Prisoner," looks to his friends to find possible recruits. The first name that comes to mind is John (Jay) Ford. Not only does Jay share a name with one of the great Western film directors, he is also possessed of a vast database of film obscuria. From AIP to Oscar Award winning films, Jay has a vast knowledge of film. Jay was also Christian's writing partner of a Film Critic column in the Sparks Daily Tribune titled "Celluloid Say-So."

Next in Christian's Mind was Sean Mattie and his Wife Elizabeth. Sean and Elizabeth are an intelligent couple who like watching good movies and have strong opinions. Their more "cultured" tastes would serve as a balance for Christian's agressively "pro-low-art as high-art" philosophy. Christian is pretensiously anti-pretension. Sean and Elizabeth were a good, but shortlived addition to the blog.

Next in the line-up was Christian's good friend Rob. Christian and Rob went to "dealer school" in Reno where they both learned how to steal old ladie's Social Security checks for sleazy accountants and old school thugs. Rob and Christian had also played roleplaying games together and both are huge Saints fans. From Tecmo Bowl to Perfect Weapon to D&D, Rob and Christian have had some good times together experiencing pop culture. His inclusion was a natural.

Meanwhile...back at the Ranch.

Any blog would have to include my co-worker Fritz. Fritz has an affection for the movie Hackers and a love of Formula 1 racing. In addition, he is a fan of 2000 AD and would serve, in some capacity, to internationalize the popular culture references at Cinerati.

Christian's wife would be invited, as would his (and his wife's friend) Colleen would round out the "founders."

A quick rundown of the founders is:

Real Name: Christian Johnson
Secret ID: Number One (Christian has since gone public)
Superpowers: Has a Flash Ring, a Green Lantern Ring, and a Phantom "The Ghost Who Walks" Ring. Superspeed, Super Will, and the ability to "Slam Evil."
Skills/Subject Areas: Christian has opinions about everything, even things he knows absolutely nothing about.

Real Name: Sean Mattie and Elizabeth Mattie
Secret IDs: Cinemattie and Elizabeth
Superpowers: Divine Miracles (Cinemattie) and Objectivist Obfuscation (Elizabeth)
Skills/Subject Areas: Movies and Comic Books.

Real Name: John Ford
Secret ID: (Lurker Only)
Superpowers: Ability to channel the Norse hero Hrafenkel gaining superstrength and a big axe. He also has the ability to look cool in Roy Orbison glasses.
Skills/Subject Areas: While Christian has opinions about everything, Jay actually knows some things.

Real Name: Fritz Hemker
Secret ID: Fritz (yes Liberal Avenger his name really is Fritz)
Superpowers: Lived in New York and liked it, Height (like Giant Man), Superstrength and the ability to crush the faces of evil doers with hurled Water Polo balls.

Real Name: Robert Barker
Secret ID: Rob
Superpowers: Ninja Skillset. Rob is the "Dark Knight" of the crew with Snake Eyes and a kick like a Storm's Shadow. He could kick Michael Dudikoff's butt.
Skills/Subject Areas: RPGs, Movies, 80s Television Shows and the Saints Football.

Underfut ("All she has is the power cosmic yet is enough") and Colleen (Phoenix Force) wish to remain anonymous.

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