Thursday, May 11, 2006

Why is (blank) on the Blogroll? (part 1)

That's a good question. From time to time, I am swamped with email from people wondering why I have selected the blogs I have for my blogroll. The short answer is that it's pretty random. A slightly longer answer is that these are either sites I read somtimes, or whose "users" (that's a Tron term) have visited/linked out site. Some I read for fun, some I read because they are filled with useful advice (hopefully the advice is as useful as that in this Strong Bad Email about Death Metal, some just because.

The longest answer follows:

A Knight's Blog (which I can't get to load today) is on there because it is a medievalist and modern politics blog written by a Dragonlance fan.

Advice Goddess is the blog of Amy Alkon a syndicated advice columnist who Fritz likes to read in the way people who like to yell at the radio listen to talk radio. Amy has spoken at some events I have organized and has prompted some interesting discussions among the students I work with.

Annika's Journal -- I have no idea. It might not be linked tommorrow.

Barone Blog -- Michael Barone's blog, if you can call what is essentially an online opinion column by a Mainstream Media Outlet a blog, especially when it is attached to their formal website.

Blogging LA -- I live in Los Angeles. Actually, I used to live in Los Angeles, now I live in Glendale.

Cathy's World -- If I only linked one other blog this would be it. I read it as much for the comments as the actual posts, maybe even more for the comments.

Da Goddess is there because she is a blogcritics editor and because, at one time, she linked us. Now that she doesn't link us...

Daily Kos -- because it's Daily "I hate Peter Beinart but isn't it cool he recommended my book" Kos.

Daly Thoughts linked us but appear dead in the water.

Day by Day is an online cartoon that is conservative in nature and includes a blog-esque section.

Delicious! Delicious! is my struggling, and hopeful, screenwriter friend Caryn's food blog. She was a classmate of my wife's at USC.

DISContent -- because he is a mad pulp bastard who writes about, and for, the direct to DVD industry and where the film industry is headed.

Fruits and Votes is a very well written analytical blog by a San Diego Professor. His comments on current politics might make him seem liberal, but his ideas for election reform models show a more complete picture. Oh, and he writes about fruits I have never heard of before.

Gaze Theory -- SoCal blogger who used to link us, but who has probably written us off due to geekitude.

Got Medieval is a Medievalist blogger who likes to look at uses of the word medieval in mass culture and then pick them apart.

Okay, that's it for now. Jeesh.

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