Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Adam Carolla Says, "F&*^ You If You're Poor!"

According to Rolling Stone Magazine, Rock and Roll stations have had a 16 percent decline in listenership since 1996, and a number of Rock stations have been changing formats of late. Key among these stations is the famous New York Radio Station K-Rock (WXRK-FM), which with the departure of Howard Stern will shift to a talk radio format and only play music on weekends.

Adam Carolla (Loveline, The Adam Carolla Project)has, along with David Lee Roth, been hired to replace Stern for the Radio Network's morning show. When asked about the format change of K-Rock Carolla said the following, "I don't know what year folks are living in," he says. "If you want to hear music, get an iPod. If you want to hear talk, get a radio. That's my feeling."

Personally, I don't know what tax bracket Carolla is living in, but an initial investment of an iPod compatible computer, an iPod, a high-speed internet connection, and $.99 a song sounds like something that is out of the affordability of a large number of people. Nevermind the fact that the iPod investment (including all the above) is a minimum of $1000 buck the first year, and that's for a crappy computer (where's the monitor? Guess I won't be buying the cheapest one at Apple.com. Don't forget to buy a mouse and keyboard.)(Better off buying an iBook, but that takes us over budget), a crappy iPod, a cheap service ($24 a month), and about $100 songs. I guess you could go the PC route, but that would undermine the "branding" that Carolla was able to forward. Did he get paid for the advertisement?

I guess, if you are poor you get to listen to Adam Carolla, but if you want to Rock "live in the now."

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