Tuesday, November 01, 2005

News on the March Says "Don't Forget Gordon Parks!" Daaaaamn Riiiight!

KaneCitizen, over at News on the March, wants to make sure that in celebrating one important Parks in American history that we don't forget another. He has a very good profile of Gordon Parks, the man who brought you SHAFT, here.

Now if only he could do a profile of Barry Gordie...we all know "The Last Dragon" is one of the best Kung Fu/Blaxploitation films ever made. Sho' Nuff!

Or as Cyrus would say...CAAAAN YOU DIIIIG IIIIIT?!

BTW, you can read a middle english version of the Shaft theme song here.

Wha be þa blake prevy lawe
Þat bene wantoun too alle þa feres?
Ya damne riȝte!

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