Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Will New Superman Movie Suck?

Comic book fans have been reeling the past year, or so, over the "sweeping changes" taking place in the DC Universe and its "Infinite Crisis." Some fans have been happy, some have been dismayed. Readers will know that i have been a little disappointed with the number of "comic relief" characters being killed in the name of "complex narrative," but overall I am excited about what will happen (even if I am disappointed about what has).

This leads me to the new Superman film. Earlier this year, Jim Treacher made a couple of offhand comments criticizing what he fears the film will become. I largely ignored his comments because they seemed to confuse the director's sexuality with his ability to tell a good tale. I think that the first two "X" movies show that Singer understand what it takes to make a compelling superhero narrative.

What I AM worried about is the delays and rewrites (let alone the run away budget) taking place on the Superman production. According to ICV2 and the Hollywood Reporter, " Principal photography for the film, which began shooting in Australia last spring, was supposed to be over by now, but the production took a five-week hiatus in September for script revisions. Director Bryan Singer (X-Men) returned to Australia in mid-October and began a final four weeks of shooting."

A five week hiatus?! Ah, production money must grow on trees. Rewrites this late in the process? Dear G-d! Smallville writes 20+ scripts a year, DC writes 40+ comics a year about Superman. Sure, some of the stories suck, but imagine how much they would suck if they had to be continually rewritten.

So...I'm worried.

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