Saturday, September 03, 2005

In a Horrifying Darkness, a Spark of Light

According to Unlocked Wordhoard, who is an English Professor on the campus, Troy University is accepting as students those whose academic careers have been interrupted by the catastrophic events following Hurricane Katrina.

Troy University is committed to assisting those students whose fall semesters may have been disrupted by Hurricane Katrina. Students who are enrolled at colleges and universities which have been closed for the fall semester due to the storm may contact the Troy University Office of Admissions at 334-670-3175 no later than September 7 about possible fall enrollments.

The response to this tragedy will be a part of our culture for a large part of the forseeable future. I am sure there will be electoral impacts, but I think that it is best to highlight the noblest among us. Troy University is answering the very important question, "What can I, a small and helpless individual, do to make a difference. I can't solve everything, but I can help some."

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