Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Karate Kid Waxes On as Television Producer

UPDATE: Links corrected per David N. Scott's comment at 6:33pm.

Ralph Macchio, not to be confused with Ralph Macchio, has signed a development deal with the teen targetted network "The N." According to Variety he will be developing shows for a network whose average viewer age is 15.

Does this strike anyone else as odd? I mean, come on! Ralph Macchio is the Karate Kid, not to be confused with the Karate Kid (whose name was used with permission by the film)! The target audience of The NTV weren't even born when his movie came out and the last show Macchio worked on was "The Ralph Show!"

Of course, maybe I am wrong and his new "Thelma and Louise" for teenage girls show will take off. Maybe he will be as good a television producer as Shaun Cassidy (I personally thought American Gothic was genius).

One thing is for certain...if he wants to be successful he needs to make sure that he keeps his focus: "Whole body...One Inch!" and if he does it right there is "no defense."

But given that The N shows Sabrina the Teenage Witch, a show I enjoy very much but that appealed to 15 year old girls almost a decade ago, I am skeptical.

Karate Kid?


Karate Kid?

Only the Legion of Superheroes can decide!

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