Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Now, as I've mentioned before, I often have Really Neat ideas for posting here. In this case, I had decided to post a detailed, piece by piece review of the modern dance show my sister was just in. I was going to talk about the dances, the themes, and how the choreographer's homosexuality was such a big part of the show, in odd little ways.

But, I never got around to it. I still have the program, so maybe sometime soon. Instead, I'll talk about D+D! Now, readers of Pererro and this blog already have some awareness of the epic story... Number One posts about the new edition, I respond bitterly, he tenderly but insistently convinces me to see her, er it, again...

And then, we found some extra money we'd forgotten about, and one of our favorite local game stores went under. So, we got a bunch of books.


They're really great. It seems like the writers are really pouring themselves into the product, from four cool varieties of magic weapons, all with neat stories, to every new class having sample characters with little stories and hideouts... It's really great stuff.

The class books are oriented less mechanically now, around character themes (skills, combat, arcane or divine) instead of base classes. There are gallons of neat story lines and customization ideas, including two books (Dungeon Master's Guide 2 and Unearthed Arcana) devoted to them.

Oh, and Stormwrack is a lot of fun. There are really cool Corsair and Legendary captain classes, and gorillas that fly like flying squirrels.

OK, bye.

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