Monday, May 23, 2005

Hello World!!

Ok, as well as my tremendously insightful posts over on BurgandySkies, I can now go on about my favorite subject - Pop Culture - over here! Whee!

As a get to know you, for anyone who cares -

Movies - Wanted to go to film school when I graduated HS, never made it. So I can be a bit of a movie snob, but love my goofy action movies and 80's teen flicks.

Comics - Didn't really read comics before I met my hubbie, except for edgy goth comics like Johnny the Homicidal Manic and other fun stuff by Slave Labor Graphics. Then I read just about everything DC published for about two years (1998-2000, if'n your curious), then got tired of the strain the $40 a week comic expense was putting on our budget. I still like comics, but don't read them very often unless someone makes a very good argument for doing so. (Though I still have a soft spot for Johen Vasquez)

Music - I love all kinds of music and I mean all kinds. It is a very rare thing for me to not find at least one good song by a given artist (Even if it's just so bad its funny). This either makes me a good person to talk about music, or a very, very bad person to take music advice from. Anyways, I'm currently grooving to the Requiem for a Dream soundtrack, "Clint Eastwood" by Gorillaz, various Bond tracks, and "Sweet Lulluby" by Deep Forest.

Television - Nothing good here. I haven't had a working TV in six weeks and I can't say I miss it. The only reason for having a TV in our little household to have something to channel the DVD player though. That said, I do have a fondness for Cartoon Network and find "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends" full of giggly goodness. Now I just wish they'd release episodes on DVD.

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