Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Domestic Total as of May. 22, 2005: $158,449,700

That's how much Sith made in America. And, with a production budget of 'only' $113,000,000, which is actually pretty good given the spectacle of it all, Lucas may have already turned a profit.

And, if it's questionable, the fact that the movie did as much internationally, totalling $303,949,700, probably insures that the movie's already making a lot of money. I think it's pretty unusual for a movie to make so much internationally; at least I have not seen it happen very often.

Anyway, I still loved this movie, and I'm pleased/amazed that it made so much money. Where else can you make nearly two hundred million dollars in four days?

In the interest of balance, here's a generally cute and interesting article that does some nay-saying about the storyline. Be warned, though: the author's a bit hard on fans and thinks Artoo is a minor character for some odd reason.

Anyway, if you want to know about movies, go here for the best movie site around: Box Office Mojo.

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