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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

New Button in the Sidebar

You may have noticed a new button in the right hand sidebar, just underneath the "Blogtalkradio" button. It's a media player which will play the most recent episode of my radio show when you ask it to. I could have had it play automatically, but that would be annoying.

Since I have chosen to not be annoying, would you please choose to listen?

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Listen to My Radio Show... Dammit.

For those of you who didn't listen live, our most recent radio show, from Monday at 7pm ,is now available for listening.

I Have a Talk Show

If you are the first listener to email me at answering the trivia question on the show you will win an autographed picture of Katee Sackhoff.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Possible Good News for Shaun Omac Radio and Jericho Fans

In news that should give hope to fan's of Shaun "Omac" Daily's "Discussing Jericho" show on BlogTalkRadio, TV Guide has leaked a rumor that Jericho is very close to being renewed for eight episodes. At this time there is no way to tell how accurate the rumor is or isn't, but for fans of Jericho this is big news indeed.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Listen to the Latest Geekerati Radio Broadcast

Monday evenings have become an exciting time for the Cinerati crew. We now have our own online radio show hosted over at You can listen to the show live at 7pm PST and call in to chat with the Geeks, or you can listen to our archived episodes at our show's host page. From the host page you can also download our past episodes and listen to them at your convenience.

I am joined on the radio show by an interesting panel of friends who share many similar interests with me. Wes, Eric, Steven, Shawna, and I discuss everything from movies and television to video games and roleplaying games. We even sometimes make rpg references during television discussion and vice versa. We think it is a good show and would like all of you to join in the conversation.

Here are some of the topics we have covered in our prior episodes:

  1. Summer Blockbusters with the Geeks: During this episode the panel discussed the, then, upcoming blockbuster season and talked about what films we planned to see and which ones we planned to avoid. It was a lively conversation and a nice premiere for the Geeks.
  2. Downloading the Upfronts: The upfronts are the event where the major television networks discuss the shows they will be adding to this year's fall schedule. It is when those employed in the television industry jump for joy, sigh with relief, or cry with panic. The geeks discussed which shows they were looking forward to in the upcoming fall season, and which ones they thought wouldn't last until Halloween. Minus a couple of technical difficulties with Skype, the show was an excellent discussion. This show also featured the beginnings of a playtest of Out of the Box game's Cineplexity.
  3. Cinema, Cineplexity, and TV Wars: In this show you can begin to see the development of our format. We began the show with a discussion of two of the blockbusters which have already been released in theaters, Pirates and Spider-Man. We then moved on to what will soon be a regular feature, Wes's MMORPG Moment. Wes reviewed Lord of the Rings Online and discussed a growing controversy over CCP's EVE game. If you have an opinion on the CCP controversy, you can comment on the Geekerati site. This was followed by our weekly game review where Christian Johnson gave Cineplexity a full review, listen in to see what I thought. Then Shawna and Christian discussed the summer television season when many cable networks run their big shows during the broadcast network's summer hiatus. We also had our first listener giveaway, a copy of Free Enterprise.

This next Monday the Geeks will be discussing the ever increasing interactive nature of entertainment. It is a brave new world when an audience can choose not merely how and when to watch the shows they like, but also contribute to what stories are being told in more direct ways then ever. What is the future of entertainment now that the "Choose Your Own Adventure" generation is getting more and more control of many media? Steven Merrill will also be reviewing The Complete Champion, the most recent class book for Dungeons and Dragons.

Stop by and give us a listen.

I Have a Talk Show

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Second BlogTalkRadio Show Completed With Only Minor Technical Difficulties

Last night, Wes Kobernick, Eric Lytle, Steven Merrill, and I hosted our second online BlogTalkRadio show. The episode, "Downloading the Upfronts," covered last week's network upfronts and discussed what shows we can all look forward to next fall. Our guest speaker for the show, who we hope will become a regular, was the very knowledgeable Shawna Benson of the Shouting into the Wind blog.

Shawna guided us through the 3 major network's proposed schedules in a presentation filled with good information and entertaining opinion. In fact, the conversation was so much fun that we didn't cover Fox or the CW's schedule until the "after show" which you can only hear on the show's host page. Stop by the page, have a listen to the 70 minute show, and let us know what you think.

Other than a couple of technical difficulties, primarily in the 16th minute when we were discussing the upcoming "Bionic Woman" show, the show went smoothly.

In upcoming weeks we hope to have Luke Y. Thompson, of the OC Weekly, discuss genre films and his thoughts on the summer season so far. We also hope to have Shawna return many more times to talk about her thoughts on the summer hiatus television season (which includes shows like "The Closer," "Monk," and "Psych", and on the upcoming fall season as more information comes available. Heck, I'd even give her a half an hour (without me butting in) to talk about Battlestar Galactica the television series.

That gives me an idea for an upcoming episode based entirely around BSG. Shawna could cover the show, and I could cover the upcoming Roleplaying game by Margaret Weis Productions (the manufacturers of the Serenity rpg).

I Have a Talk Show