Thursday, August 06, 2015

#RPGaDay2015: [Day 1] Exciting Forthcoming Game

Last year, Dave Chapman aka +Autocratik created a blog prompt called #RPGaDAY wherein Dave did all of us amateur bloggers a favor by giving us 31 ideas for blog posts. The intention is that bloggers would write 31 posts over the course of a month and it was very successful last year. I was one of the participants, but I did not manage to post all 31 days. In fact, I think I only managed half a dozen or so. Even with that disappointment, I'm trying again this year even though I'm starting 5 days after the fact.

Let's move past the prologue and get to today's#RPGaDAY2015 answer:

Since I'm already a couple of days behind, and I'll be trying to catch up over the next few days, I'll keep this short.

The forthcoming game I am most looking forward to is... 

I've been a big fan of Modiphius, the publisher of the upcoming Edgar Rice Burroughs' John Carter role playing game, since I backed their Achtung! Cthulhu role playing game on Kickstarter a couple of years ago. That role playing game setting was compatible with both the Savage Worlds and Call of Cthulhu role playing games at publication and it seemed like a nice counterpart to Weird War II. The new John Carter game, which should be out by Christmas of this year, uses Modiphius Entertainment's own game system entitled the 2d20 LITE system. It's a streamlined version of the system they had designed for their new Mutant Chronicles role playing game. The design lead on the 2d20 system was Jay Little, who is one of my favorite game designers, and the mechanics are sound.

To quote Modiphius' Press Release:
John Carter —The Roleplaying Game: Due for release: Christmas 2015
Explore the wonders of Barsoom from the vast deserts to the ancient cities. Discover the forgotten secrets of a world that was old when life first spawned in the oceans of Earth. Play as pilots, warriors, scientists, or one of the terrifying green Tharks.  Create you own Barsoom adventures or take on the great journeys as John Carter himself along side Dejah Thoris, Kantos Kan, Xodar, Tars Tarkas, Thuvia of Ptarth, Carthoris of Helium or any of the other major heroes and heroines of Barsoom.

The John Carter roleplaying game uses 2d20 LITE—a streamlined version of the 2d20 system featured in the Mutant Chronicles, INFINITY and Conan roleplaying games. Designed for fast flowing action accentuating the exuberant adventures of the original books, 2d20 LITE let’s you dive into the game immediately with a sleek, pulse-pounding system. Major industry artists will help bring Barsoom to life. 
 Edgar Rice Burroughs and Michael Moorcock were the two figures who most shaped my early fiction tastes and I am more than excited to see a Planetary Romance game based on Burroughs' influential series make it to print.

I interviewed Chris Birch of Modiphius last year on Geekrati about Achtung! Cthulhu and Mutant Chronicles last year and it looks like the company continues to grow.

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