Monday, March 21, 2011

Rebecca "Black" Metal -- It's Friday

A friend of mine wondered -- rhetorically -- how long it would take for mash ups of Rebecca Black's new song "Friday" to work their way to the net. My answer was that they had probably already happened, but that none had become viral yet. So I did a quick check this morning to see what was out there, and of that what was the most "out there." I came across this bit of mindshattering contrasts. It's the Rebecca Black song sung as if it were a death metal tune. The video remains the same, but the pulse pounding drums, gravely vocals, and wailing guitars are different.

What I found most amusing were those moments where the song and the video lined up in intriguing ways. There are are a couple of times during the video where it almost seems like it really is an ironic death metal video.

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