Friday, February 11, 2011

From Wizards of the Coast to Self Published "Devil's Cape" by Rob Rogers Now Available on Kindle

Wizards of the Coast publishes many excellent media tie-in novels, but there was a short window of time when they published a line of original fiction under the "Discoveries" masthead. The line of books had a number of excellent entries, and unlike the media tie-in books the authors kept the copyright to their creations. Of the books published in that line, "Devil's Cape" by Rob Rogers was one of the true gems. Rob's novel is a superhero tale, but one that takes place in a very realistic setting and with a realistic representation of super powered people. The stakes for the characters in "Devil's Cape" are very real, both physically and emotionally.

It is often said that no one ever "really" dies in comic books, and it is true, but it isn't true in "Devil's Cape." The heroes of this novel fight for justice in a world of corrupt politicians and policemen, and where maintaining a secret identity is vitally important for survival. The villains of the book are ruthless and cruel and motivated by real human desires.

In the book Rob asks and answers the question, "what would happen if superheroes behaved like the Avengers, while the villains behaved like real people?" He then asks, "what would the next generation of heroes look like?"

Rob's book has all the craft and seriousness of the Wildcards series with none of the staid Baby Boomer "sex and drugs" clich├ęs that pop up every now and then in that series. The book also provides a perfect setting for a non-alien invasion "Necessary Evil" Savage Worlds superhero campaign.

I count "Devil's Cape" as one of the best books I've read in the past couple of years. It is worth your time and money, and it's available on Kindle and other e-readers as well.

Buy it, and let's get Rob to write some more tales of "Devil's Cape."

I interviewed Rob shortly after the book was originally published for the podcast I had at the time.


Rob Rogers said...

Wow, thanks for the writeup, Christian. I really appreciate the kind words.

Tmcards said...

So Devil's Cape is about fighting against world of corrupt politicians and policemen. It's a very important issue in today's world.