Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG in Playtest Phase

This November Goodman Games will be releasing their Dungeon Crawl Classics role playing game. Goodman Games describes the game as "an OGL system that crossbreeds Appendix N with a streamlined version of 3E." I have enjoyed reading the Dungeon Crawl Classics line of adventures that Goodman has published, and will be purchasing the game when it comes out.

One of the things I find most interesting about the game is that it will be using all the "weird" Zocchi dice -- like the 24 sided die. It reminds me of my friend Ron's idea to create an rpg that only used 12 sided dice for resolution. His reason for the idea? He liked d12s. Apparently the folks at Goodman Games like the "weird" dice, and incorporating them into game play sounds plain fun.

The game is currently in playtest.

I am envious of all those who are playtesting the game. I'll just have to pre-order it and count the days.

BTW, this book has a cover I can appreciate.


Geek Gazette said...

I was extremely excited about the game until I heard that is was using the "weird" Zocchi dice. Games that try to be unique by using non conventional gaming dice kind of bug me. Plus the only place I've found for a complete set of Zocchi dice (12 pc) is the Game Science site and they cost $27 and up. I can buy a new rpg book for that.
Amazon has just the d3/d5/d14/d16 & d24 for $11.97 but that leaves out the d7 that is used with this game. If you know of a place to buy cheaper sets I'd be happy to check them out.
The dice may be a petty thing to complain about and I know I can use my standard dice to simulate the Zocchi, but if I and other gamers are going to just use are normal gaming dice then why even incorporate the more expensive Zocchi dice into the system?
Again I know that I'm probably being a whiny b#!$% about it, but it just seems silly to me. Unless Louis Zocchi had something to do with the development of the game and the use of his dice were his 2 cents. Or unless the Zocchi dice are part of some brilliant mechanic that will revolutionize the way we play it just seems superfluous to include them. I feel the same way about the Ubiquity and Fate/Fudge dice, so I'm not being a hypocrite in that regard. :-)
I'll still probably buy the book because I'm a sucker for new RPGs (I have tons that I've never played) and I do love that cover, but I don't see anyone I game with running out to buy Zocchi dice. I have a hard enough time getting the gang I play with to try new games or even buy rule books for the games we play, they won't be willing to buy a whole new set of dice that costs about as much as a new rule book.

Geek Gazette said...
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Geek Gazette said...

that was supposed to be a quick commment, sorry that I rambled on like that.
BTW thanks for posting this.

Christian Lindke said...

I can understand your resistance to the weird dice. It can be frustrating to be asked to spend an extra $24 to play a game.

I just think it is neat because when D&D came out the platonic solids were the weird dice. Now we can get a nice set of platonic solids for around $6 to $7. If Goodman can arrange for a similarly cheap version of the Zocchi dice, I think that would be awesome.

I doubt they will, but it might help their sales.

Like you, I'll be buying this whether I play it or not.