Thursday, July 22, 2010

New TRON: LEGACY Trailer

Unlike the editors of Variety, whose jaded view of the marketing aspects of TRON demonstrate a cluelessness regarding Gen-X culture, I have been anticipating a sequel to the original TRON film since the day I left the theater in 1982. Contrary to what the opening line of the snide Variety article discussing TRON: LEGACY might lead you to believe, the first TRON film did quite well. According to BoxOfficeMojo, the original film had a cost of $17 million and made $33 million in domestic box office -- a moderate success. This figure does not include the sales of video game machines, VHS tapes, DVDs, or any of the other merchandise associated with the film.

Initial under-performance is no sign of a lack of long-term interest. One can excuse executives in 1982 for not being able to see into the future at TRON's legacy, but current executives are right to invest so much time and marketing energy behind the new film.

Now...if only the movie's story will match the effort put into the film in other areas.

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