Thursday, December 03, 2009

Rocket Packs and Spaceships: Capcom's Dark Void Looks Like Pulpy Goodness

In January 2010, Capcom will be releasing a game that combines several pulpy elements dear to my heart.

First, the game opens with a pilot named Will who gets lost in the Bermuda Triangle during a storm only to find himself in an alien landscape.

Second, Will eventually acquires a rocket pack which he can use to combat the evil alien "Watchers."

Third, Capcom brought in some of the design crew from the excellent pulpy aerial combat game CRIMSON SKIES to work on this project. CRIMSON SKIES had a fluid and intuitive control interface, and the aerobatics of the game were truly exciting.

The game combines third person shooter/platformer action, with the aerial combat mechanics of CRIMSON SKIES and has an interesting visual style, all of which are highlighted in Capcom's latest preview video.

Looking at the game, it doesn't look like it will be a groundbreaking and genre redefining game like UNCHARTED 2 or MODERN WARFARE 2, but it does look like it will be a fun experience for those who love guys in rocket packs battling aliens. I know that I'll be picking this up next month.

It should also provide yet another weapon in my arsenal as I try to convince my game group to start up a Slipstream (pulpy SF setting for Savage Worlds) campaign.

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