Wednesday, December 26, 2007

It's not Monday, but it is Geekerati time again.

My Geekerati podcast normally airs live, like a radio show, every Monday night at 7pm Pacific, but with the holidays this week and next it is a little off schedule. That means that the episode that would normally have aired Monday night will now be airing tonight.

Our guest on Geekerati this week is Ken Edwards, the games editor over at, and he's going to debate the best video games of 2007 with our resident video game guru Eric Lytle. Unlike when I use the word "gaming," Ken Edwards usually means video gaming. I'll chime in with a couple of games I enjoyed as well in the video game front, but I'd be lying if I didn't say that I'll be throwing in a little of the table top as well.

So expect a little discussion of Savage Worlds and Mr. Jack, in addition to discussion about Mass Effect, tonight on Geekerati Radio.

ABOUT GEEKERATI RADIO – Geekerati Radio is an online radio show hosted by Christian Johnson, Shawna Benson, Bill Cunningham, and Eric Lytle which features discussion of popular culture by geeks for geeks and is a featured show in the BlogTalkRadio network. The Geekerati Radio show airs Monday nights at 7pm Pacific and the archives are available 24/7

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