Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Themed Gaming

If you are like me, you might want to sprinkle a little Christmas into your gaming, or a little gaming into your Christmas. There are a couple of ways to do this, ranging from the traditional to the inspired.

Traditionally, the family can gather around the tree, the fireplace, or the coffee table to play classic games like Risk, Monopoly, Heroscape, Zooloretto, Talisman, Runebound, Sorry, and Trivial Pursuit (among others). But for those of more of a roleplaying bent, there is an abundance of inspired (and seasonal) adventures/supplements available for your use.

  1. It Happened One Christmas: An adventure for Faery's Tale (and thus appropriate for a wide age group -- I really recommend this game), where the players are Faeries enlisted by Santa to help save the true spirit of Christmas.
  2. Silent Night, Hungry Night: A tale of the Weird West, for Deadlands, featuring a sinister figure inspired by the Grinch.

  3. The Battle of Christmas Eve: An adventure for Savage Worlds. The war on terror has opened on a new front—Toyland is at war. The characters are all members of the Toyland Intelligence Committee Terrorism Obstruction Cell (TICTOC), sworn to defend Toyland against aggressors. The adventure centers on a plot to ruin Christmas for one little girl, something TIC-TOC can’t allow to happen.

  4. Five Days Until Christmas, a horror themed adventure for the Savage Worlds system by 12 to Midnight.
  5. If you play Dungeons and Dragons, Christmas weekend is the perfect time to introduce Nicholas the Giftgiver.
  6. Basic Action Games offers a heroic adventure "Ho,Ho,Ho, Heroes", in their free supplement Basic Action Magazine.

Download a little Christmas cheer and have a wonderful, and game filled, holiday.

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