Monday, January 08, 2007

Casino Royale is a good time!

I was fortunate to see Casino Royale over the weekend. I heard some scuttlebut regarding this current Bond not being "Bond" enough. This complaint was mainly that the actor did not fit e thConnery, Moore, Bronsan mold of the suave Bond. This is true. But I found this film to be the best of the Bond series.

Daniel Craig as Bond is a bit of thug, recently coming off service in the SAS and being elevated to the coveted "00" status. He is a blunt and tough, he lacks refinement but he is a good character. Casino Royale is one of the few attempts to make Bond a person, there is an actual attempt to give him a past. It is simply better thought out than the other Bond films.

The action scenes reminded me of "The Bourne Supremecy" in their graphic quality and realism. That being said, I really would recommend this movie. I thought it was simply outstanding.

There are a couple of plot problems that make you scratch your head, but I won't get into that for those that want to see the movie. When talking to a friend of mine about this movie, he said something I agreed with. "Casino Royale is a great action film with an engaging hero who just happens to be named James Bond". Two thumbs up.

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