Monday, January 08, 2007

Elvis, David Bowie, Some Other Famous People, and Me

Today is January 8th, and every American knows that today is Elvis' birthday. There will be Elvis movie marathons. Some people will watch Clambake, others Bubba Hotep. People will sing Viva Las Vegas. There may even be sightings of the (would be) 71 year-old rock icon.

Not as many people know that today is David Bowie's birthday, he turns 60 today. I have always thought that David Bowie got the raw deal in the birthday commemoration department. He's had a prolific career and has influenced a lot of modern musical artists. He's even made some pretty good movies, some weird one's as well. But Bowie's birthday falls on January 8, the same day as Elvis, "The King of Rock and Roll." Who can compete with that? If his birthday fell on January 9th, Bowie might get some play on TV and radio. After all, Bowie is way cooler than Nixon, but alas his birthday is on the 8th and will forever be in the shadow of "The King."

Bowie isn't alone in living under the birthday shadow of the King, here is a short list of people who share Bowie's tragedy:

  1. Bart Starr -- Football Great
  2. Bob Eubanks -- My Least Favorite Part of the Rose Parade
  3. Stephen Hawking -- That Scientist Guy
  4. Robby Krieger -- Light My Fire
  5. John McTiernan -- Die Hard with Elvis
  6. Jason Giambi
  7. Soupy Sales

There are others, but I don't want this post to last forever.

I almost forgot, I also bask in the shadow of Elvis.

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