Thursday, November 16, 2006

Is This a Sign of a Coming Bollywood Invasion?

Sit Com Producer Rob Long wrote in his book Setup Joke, Setup Joke that rumors in the entertainment industry are "always true." If you want to know whether your show has been picked up by the network no one is going to tell you straight to your face one way or the other (which usually means you haven't been picked up anyway), but you will know through the rumor mill what your fate is. You will deny your fate, but like Oedipus you will end up ripping your eyes out cursing your stupidity.

The rumors are always true, unless they are tabloid rumors.

Then they are mostly true.

What does this have to do with prophesying a Bollywood invasion? Everything. It appears that there are rumors about Warner Bros. having interest in buying a 10% stake in GV Films. The Chennai based firm denies the rumor, and other rumors as well, but I keep hearing Rob Long in the back of my mind. Which makes me believe that there is some interest.

What this means for a Bollywood invasion is unclear. Warner could be interested in owning a share because of the success of the Bollywood market, they may just want some additional profits. They may want a smoother distribution for their American movies, GV Films apparently owns multiplexes and Warner recently lost ground in China. But they might, like Virgin, be seeking a way to leverage the Indian film industry into other markets. Does this mean wider releases of Bollywood epics? While that would make David Chute happy, I doubt it. More likely it will mean Hollywood style films with Indian influences, maybe more mythic tales, more musical numbers, or more multi-genre films.

I don't really know which way the wind is blowing, but I believe the rumor.

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