Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Nicholas Cage...Spiritual Warrior

Nicholas Cage is a well-known comic book fan and every comic book fan wants to be a comic book writer or artist, star in a movie as a comic book superhero, or have family that has one of these honors. With the recently announced partnership between Nicholas Cage and Virgin Comics, it appears that Mr. Cage has now achieved two of the three. I am sure it will be a trifecta by the end of next year.

Nicholas Cage will be starring in an adaptation of the Virgin Comics title The Sädhu and his son Weston will be authoring Enigma for the Bangalore, India based company.

The Sädhu appears to be a combination of a Sharpe story with the kind of story one frequently sees in the better Hong Kong period pieces about British imperialism. Think Richard Sharpe meets Wong Fei Hung, with magic, set it in India, and that looks to be a good starting point.

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