Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Comic Books and Daytime Soaps

I know that the A's moving to Fremont might be more "important" news, but I am very intrigued by the fact that Marvel Comics is doing a bit of cross-promotion with Guiding Light.

According to ICV2 News: "Marvel plans to add an 8-page backup story written by comic-and soap scribe Jim McCann to a number of books starting with four titles releasing on October 25th, while Guiding Light episode telecast on November 1st will provide the origin of Springfield's first costumed crime fighter and plenty of "Easter Eggs" for sharp-eyed Marvel fans."

That's right, all us comic book geek completists will need to set our TiVos to CBS and record Guiding Light.

A lot of people I know are surprised by the move by Marvel, but I am not. This seems a perfect way to reach out to new audiences, especially young female readers. Even the idea of having a superhero on a soap doesn't seem all that bizarre to me. I grew up with Scorpio's spy escapades on General Hospital, the show was like a really bad Man From UNCLE for a while. More recently, Port Charles had a "Buffy" storyline where Lucy was a vampire hunter and nearly all of Port Charles were turned into vampires.

How do I know this? Oh, the storyline was so bizarre that I had to watch. Leaving out that storyline, it doesn't take much to find genre soaps, Dark Shadows, Babylon 5, and Battlestar Gallactica all come to mind, at least as far as having what are typically soap operatic conflicts.

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