Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Science Fiction and Fantasy Feedback Request

Recently, I started a Fantasy and Science Fiction bookclub at the local friendly bookstore where I buy most of my books. The books I don't by there are usually ebay, abebooks, or at small used bookstores. What can I say, I value the small business owner. The bookclub currently has a very limited membership. I am the coordinator and there are three other members of differing depth of "FantaSciology" (that would be knowledge in the realm of Fantasy/Science Fiction), though most seem to have a good deal of "FantaSciphilia" (love of Fantasy/Science Fiction). My goal is to both increase the membership of the group and to maintain the interest of the current membership.

That is why I am asking you for help. I need recommendations. Before you just jump to the comments section and list you recommendations, let me give you background on the "rules" we are using to select books.

Each month we will read one book and discuss it. We will choose the book based on where the author's last name is in the alphabet. Thus the first book we read will be by an author whose last name starts with an A. Those are the strict rules and I hope you can all recommend 26 books for me.

The books you recommend can cover any age level, interest, or sophistication. They can be new, old, or forthcoming. They might even be books you have written. I just need book recommendations, even graphic novels are welcome.

Of the group, I have read the most Fantasy and Science Fiction and I don't want to limit the experience to things I have read or limit the group to my own tastes.

As an example, our first book is the first book in the new Star Wars Expanded Universe series Betrayal by Aaron Allston. I haven't read much of the Star Wars Expanded Universe stuff, but two of the club members are Star Wars fanatics.

What do you recommend?

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