Friday, July 14, 2006

Kim Masters is Undercover on Miami Vice

It appears that Michael Mann's film version of Miami Vice has hit a snag in production and Universal is having to fight pre-release negative press. Jamie Foxx left the set and refused to shoot any scenes outside the United States forcing Mann to film his ending differently.

I know on the face that sounds scandalous, but when you read Masters's story at Slate you'll get the full picture. I'm just trying to get you interested.

Take note that there are almost no pastel's in any of the images.

It is a very good article, with which I have only one quibble. Did Masters forget, in the opening paragraph, that Michael Mann's production company made Miami Vice? Dick Wolf, John Milius, Robert Crais? Those guys suck as writers right?

To be fair, I really only like the first couple seasons of Vice and most of the "homage" films of late have been spoofs, but that is no reason to think that a Starsky and Hutch movie done straight couldn't have been good. Oh, and Michael Mann worked on that series too. "Texas Longhorn" and "Jo-Jo" were First Season Michael Mann episodes.

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