Friday, July 14, 2006

Forget to Ask the Hot Cop for Her Number?

If you did, don't call 911 and try to find a way to contact her. Lorna Dudash, having found the young police officer who responded to a 911 call she had made regarding noise in her apartment, tried this very thing. What was she thinking?

"Hmmm...That cop was cute. Do I call the local police station and ask how to get in touch with him? Nah. How about writing a letter to the local station? Nah. Wait! I've got it, I'll use the emergency only number to see if they can send him back to my house! Excellent. After all, I'm 45 and my dating life needs emergency assistance."

It turns out the police officer did respond to her call, only this time to arrest her. She faces up to a year in jail and a $6000 fine. Maybe he'll wait for her, and if so the relationships is certainly worth 6G. Of course, after a year in jail all her relationship troubles may be over.

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