Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Pop, Pop, Pop Culture Community Established

I have begun the set up process for the Pop, Pop, Pop Culture Community. We are designated in the Culture category on the Truth Laid Bear Community Page. I have taken the role of community administrator and that means I need to solicit and delegate. So first things first, here is a list of the current community members:

  1. Cinerati
  2. Hungry Ghost
  3. News on the March
  4. Perrero
  5. The Shelf
  6. Shouting Into the Wind
  7. The Ziggurat of Doom

I have already made some updates to the community, but the page only updates every few hours so be patient.

With the creation of a new community there are a couple of things that still need to be done.

First we need a "homepage" for the community.

Second we need someone to design the homepage and include links to all the member sites and an RSS feed of all the posts coming from our individual sites, a kind of news hub if you will. We could even add a message board, if we wanted, but I think comments sections are sufficient.

Third, we need to solicit more members. So if you know a site that discusses pop culture get them to shoot me an email and if they meet the criteria (I will post that above) then I will gladly add them.

Fourth, we need a "community banner" to be posted on the TTLB website, our own websites, and the community website.

With that in mind I am asking for volunteers and making the following proposal. We can if everyone wants use http://cinerati.net as our hub page.

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