Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Pop, Pop, Pop Culture Community Membership Rules

Cinerati is looking for a few good websites devoted to the discussion of popular culture, in all its beautiful forms. To become a member of our Truth Laid Bear Community all you need to do is apply and meet the following criteria:

  1. Your site must focus on some aspect of popular culture. It doesn't matter if you have a site that tries to cover everything, or one that just talks about the Nintendo Wii. All that matters is that your site cover an aspect of popular culture as its primary focus.

  2. You must post on a semi-frequent basis. By this I mean that you must post at least once a week.

  3. You must link to the other sites in the Community and it would be great if you read them as well.

  4. You must be willing to participate in a cross-blog discussion once a month. Each month Community members will nominate and select a topic related to popular culture to discuss and will write a piece related to said topic. If the subject is out of your field, your post can be brief but should direct traffic to other sites in the Community.

  5. You must post the Community Banner prominently and proudly on your page (when it is available.

  6. If you have "non-family friendly" material, a disclaimer would be nice.

  7. The Community Administrator reserves the right to add additional criteria.

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