Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Christian Johnson in Print Again

In my ever expanding quest to become a game designer, I have become an editor on the staff of the unofficial Savage Worlds Fanzine Sharkbytes. I am the 50 Fathoms editor. 50 Fathoms is Savage Worlds' piratical setting and I have had fun as the editor.

Long story short, my first edited article is in the newest issue (Volume 2, Issue 1).

If you have any first published article was in the February '05 Nibbles issue. It was an article on how to incorporate introduction, cutscenes, and flashbacks into game sessions.

After its long hiatus, it is good to see Sharkbytes back in print and I have already gone hard to work editing the next 50 Fathoms article. I am even writing a few, though not 50 Fathoms, of my own.

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