Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Baseball stories not currently being covered

With the Barry Bonds saga dragging on the national media seems to be mostly ignoring some of the better baseball stories going on throughout the league. This is not to say they are not being covered but not being given their due. The following list is in no particular order:

Albert Pujols: Now he is being covered but not to the degree that McGuire or Bonds were when they were on their record setting pace. Currently, he has 25 homeruns and 64 rbis at the end of May, if Albert keeps it up he will hit 79 home runs and have 202 rbi's by the end of the season. A mind boogling season - perhaps the best of all time.

Brandon Webb: Quietly leads the league with 8 wins. He has been dominant throughout the season and should start for the National League in the all star game. His ground ball to flyball ratio has been disgusting. His 2.18 ERA and 1.08 whip are nothing to sneeze at.

The Detroit Tigers: They have been in a word awesome. Jim Leyland has turned around a franchise in desperate need of a new direction. The pitching is good and their lineup produces runs. They are a nice change to the teams normally associated with the elite of the sport.

Nomar Garciaparra: After a couple of years of injury he has made a smooth transition to first base and is hitting lights out in Los Angeles. Nomar hasn't been playing as long as everyone else but he is hitting over .360 and has favorable rbi's with the league even with his time off for injury.

Johnathan Papelbon: The Boston rookie has moved into the closer's role and has given up one earned run all year. His microscopic whip and era (0.35 era and 0.58 whip) have helped Boston stay at or near the top of the AL East

Ryan Howard: This second year first baseman from Philadelphia is tearing up the National League with 18 homeruns and 47 RBI's through May. He simply crushes the ball - get used to the name it will be around awhile.

Hanley Ramierez: Rookie starting shortstop for the Florida Marlins is hitting .315 with 43 runs and 16 stolen bases in his debut season. He runs and scores, just what you want out of a lead off hitter. Additionally, he is a legitimate threat on the bases, rivaling Carl Crawford, Jose Reyes and Scott Posednick for steals. A true consideration for rookie of the year.

the National League West: After a season where only one team was above .500 for the year, after two months every team is .500 or better. Thats what I call a turn around.

Whatever your take on Bonds, he looks old these days and in my humble opinion now that he has taken the next hurdle lets see more of some other stories.

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