Wednesday, May 24, 2006

British Computer Animation Company Opens Santa Monica Office

Image Metrics (founded in Manchester, England), the leading provider of computer-based facial animation solutions to Hollywood and the digital entertainment industries, announced their arrival in North America on Tuesday with the opening of a new office in Santa Monica, CA. Image Metrics technology has been used in many motion picture and gaming projects including Polar Express and Grand Theft Auto. Company CEO Andy Wood discussed the growth of Image Metrics.

"Over the Past 7 years, Image Metrics has quickly evolved from a company providing image analysis solutions for the medical industry into a specialist in entertainment facial animation technology. The opening of our offices in Santa Monica signifies our commitment and desire to be a part of the future of digital animation and to share our technology and knowledge with those who also seek to push the boundaries of this ever-evolving space," said Wood. "We provide the actor and director the missing tools they need in the animation process to communicate with a strictly non-creative entity such as a computer."

The company was founded in Manchester, England and has developed the only technology that digitally maps a human performance to an animated character. This technology supersedes contemporary motion capture systems because it is not reliant upon traditional techniques such as markers that restrict the performance of an actor and limit the creative control of the director. Image Metrics claims their technology "has simplified a traditionally labor-intensive, time-consuming, and expensive process while enhancing the artistic skills that exist within that process."

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