Thursday, January 12, 2006

G4 Expands Television Lineup

In past years the question has been asked, "Where is the music on Music Television?" It appears that a similiar question may come quickly to the tongues of G4: Videogame TV viewers. They may soon be asking, "Where are the Videogames on Videogame Television?"

Who am I kidding?

People are already asking, "When is G4 going to get some real programming?" and, "What is G4?"

Recently G4 has entered into a contract with Hasbro entitling G4 to run Hasbro based television programming as a part of its Action Blast hour. So far the lineup is filled with two Transformers shows, and no not the one from the 80's; at least not yet. The agreement with Hasbro is a sign that G4 is expanding its programming beyond the limited NPR/Public Access style shows where gamers talk about video games and into providing programming targetted at people who play video games.

This trend began when G4 started running Anime Unleashed, which is currently showing the (at least for me) very bizarre Cromartie High School. I watched an episode provided with my Newtype subscription. The trend continued with the addition of Formula D, a drift racing television show (drift racing is Nascar for Otaku), and the recent running of Star Trek the Next Generation episodes.

With G4's audience growing, pop culture fans may soon have an alternative to the very successful Sci Fi Channel. Though like SciFi, G4's will be a true success when it is running entertaining original programming.

Though I do miss the reruns of the Six Million Dollar Man. I miss Lee Majors, he saved Christmas after all, and have had to settle for reruns of Big Valley on Starz Western to get my Lee Majors fix.

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