Tuesday, January 17, 2006

An Unpleasant First Experience

Last week, while attending a Los Angeles Press Club Event discussing a book about the Black Dahlia murder, I was describing the neighborhood where I live (notice the property crime index of 7 compared to a national average of 3.2). I live in South Los Angeles, across the street from Dorsey High School. I was talking about how in the 5 and a half years I have lived in the Crenshaw district of Los Angeles, my wife and I have never been the victim of a crime. I was even excited that gangs had agreed to a post-MLK march truce. But now that "have never" needs to be changed to "had never" been a victim of a crime.

I walked out to my car this morning, ready to go to work, when I noticed there were several CDs spread over the "driveway" near my car. I began to wonder what happened, but when I got to my car all was answered. The passenger side window of my car had been shattered and the contents of my car spread about. Even my trunk had been opened and "searched." I did a quick inventory and noticed that nothing appeared to have been stolen, not even the $5.00 in the ashtray. The vandals had taken a long time throwing my stuff around and searching for something they might find to be valuable. But other than throwing my CDs around, they didn't take anything. I guess Science Fiction, Philosophy, and RPG books weren't up their alley, and I guess we had different tastes in music.

So I called the police, who took my report over the phone, and drove the car to a local dealership to have my window replaced. With the new car window setting me back around $400.00, I think I can afford a rent increase of a similar amount. Needless to say my wife and I began an apartment search today.

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