Monday, November 28, 2005

The Next Ten Films on My Netflix Queue

Here are the next ten movies I will be getting via the Post Office for my viewing pleasure:

  • The War of the Worlds -- The original with the cool flying Martian vehicles.

  • A Very Long Engagement

  • Steamboy -- I liked it, but I want to be able to glean more out of LYT in conversation about it so another viewing is mandated.

  • Another Thin Man

  • Thin Man Collection: Alias Nick and Nora

  • December 7th the Movie

  • The Lion in Winter

  • A Man for All Seasons

  • Diner

  • The Bicycle Thief

  • I have seen many of these films before and want to watch them again. And yes, I did choose this particular time to list my next ten movies to make myself look more sophisticated. What was I supposed to do...list the following? (All of which are on my queue as well.)

  • Into the Blue

  • Go

  • Gothika

  • Magnum Force

  • Batteries Not Included

  • The Howling

  • Son of the Mask

  • Catwoman

  • Alone in the Dark

  • Roll Bounce

  • Of which, I am most excited about The Howling (one of my favorite Werewolf flicks) and Roll Bounce (which I haven't seen yet). And I am most fearful of Catwoman (a superhero flick I avoided in the theater, that in and of itself describes how fearful I am) and Alone in the Dark.

    'Nuff Said

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