Monday, November 28, 2005

Jet Li Discusses First Marriage

When one imagines a typical American discussing a prior marriage, one imagines bitterness, sorrow, and Jerry Springer style unbridled rage. With Jet Li's (who will be starring in next year's movie and maybe his final martial arts film Fearless directed by Ronnie Yu) recent discussion of his first marriage one witnesses what one would hope happens when people discuss their ex-spouse.

Excerpting an interview Jet Li did for Life of Art --a mainland China entertainment show -- (and Yahoo!) quote Jet Li as saying, "In terms of how much emotion each person devoted, she maybe gave 90 percent or 80 percent. At most I gave ... I still haven't figured out." If only most divorced adults where as honest about their own contribution to a marriage, I think we would have fewer "angry divorces" and possibly fewer divorces period.

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