Wednesday, November 09, 2005

More Jobs for Disney?

The recent ABC/Apple agreement regarding television episodes being made available on iTunes for download led to speculation that negotiations between Steve Jobs and Disney had been becoming friendly again. Many argued that it might even lead to a new Pixar/Disney partnership.

Well, it looks like the speculation is true. Pixar and Disney are indeed in negotiations for a new deal. With the initial financial success of Chicken Little Disney proved that they may not need Pixar to produce their digital movies. Pixar, on the other hand, has likely had difficulty finding a new distributor for their films. Remember that in the last negotiations between the two companies Pixar was demanding "100% of the box office take on future films, a modest distribution fee and the lion's share of ancilliary revenue." Not exactly the best beginning bargaining position for new distributors.

Now if Disney and Pixar team up again, does that mean that I can dream of Disney reopening their hand drawn animation division? I mean Pixar is a great digital company...Lilo and Stitch was awesome...Computer Animation isn't any less expensive than hand drawn...

Please Disney! Please!

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