Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Blizzard Continuing Its Quest to Dominate All Your Time.

Do you only log 40 to 60 hours a week playing World of Warcraft?

Is Blizzard's BlizzCon how you intend to spend your honeymoon?

Do you spend all your time looking for new ways to squeeze World of Warcraft into your life?

Do camping trips get you down because you can't count on getting a wireless connection for your Horde character on a PvP server?

If you are a person who meets all of these criteria, well you already own World of Warcraft the RPG. I am of course referring to the pen and paper RPG and not the online one you focus resources beyond belief.

Blizzard has been thinking of you my friends.

Want to get in a game while you are commuting on the train or bus? Blizzard is partnering with Upper Deck to create World of Warcraft the Card Game.

But what happens when those quick card games run their course while you are on your camping trip? Don't worry, Blizzard's got your back with the World of Warcraft Boardgame, but don't forget to download the soundtrack into your WoW iPod.

Now if only they could make a WoW restaurant chain and frozen food/dry goods line. We would so be set.

Quick question though. If you are spending all this time on are you paying for it?

Me? I'm just writing my screenplay for World of Warcraft the motion picture. Naturally, this takes a great deal of research and it is best to write in res media. Either that or base my screenplay on the exciting adventures of Leroy Jenkins!


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