Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Looks Like Two Shows I Like Will Be Picked Up

My wife and I have really enjoyed both Bones and Supernatural and according to Marc Berman at Mediaweek it looks like both will be picked up for a full season. Particularly impressive to me was that Bones was #2 in the 18-49 age bracket.

We have been particularly impressed with Supernatural, which is just a great fun ride. The show is well shot, very pretty, and though the actors are still getting into their characters (Jared Padalecki is a little awkward, Jensen Ackles is excellent) the writing has been spot on. Eric Kripke, who really impressed me with Boogeyman, knows how to balance what scared us when we were young with what entertains us when we are older. The show has also set up some interesting non-supernatural conflicts for future episodes. The "ghost hunting" brothers usually pose as some kind of Federal Agent when gathering information. Neither really looks the part and so the pair are usually outed and this can only lead to trouble. Second, they tend to pay their bills through credit card fraud, not exactly the best behavior if you don't want to draw law enforcement attention.

In next week's episode the brothers will perform an exorcism on an airplane during a possible plane crash. Can you ask for any more tension?

[Mad props to Shouting into the Wind for introducing me to Berman's comments which will now be a daily visit.]

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