Tuesday, September 27, 2005

In Retrospect, It is in Fact Easy to Be Green

Kermit the Frog turns 50 this year. Just saying it makes me feel wierd. I would have thought that the icon of children's entertainment was a child like me when I watched him on the television, but alas he was over twenty and already in a position of authority. I should have guessed that anyone who has been a "journalist" and has time for an Easy Rider-esque journey across the United States couldn't be a child like I was.

Three places of note on Kermit's world tour? Kermit, TX...The Great Wall of China...and a Frog Legs Festival in Florida. At least somethings never change. Hopefully Kermit will bring sufficient crutches/wheel chairs for the injured frogs.

(If you don't get that go and watch the Muppet Movie now!)

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