Friday, July 01, 2005


Well, haven't been on in a while. I fell into this weird no-pop-culture hole. Anyway, roaring back with three movies in one day! Saw Batman Begins, War of the Worlds, and Shark Boy And Lava Girl.

Anyway, War of the Worlds first, since the other two are old news. I don't know what to say about this movie--first off, I really did not enjoy it. Not for the usual reasons, either: I really have nothing bad to say about the acting or effects. The ending really, really needed some work, but it's about 2 minutes long, so whatever.

I just found watching this film to be a harrowing experience. The characters, who are not astoundingly likeable, are hunted constantly, endlessly. The action is almost too intense, as their continued survival is pretty silly at times. Also, the machines have bad physics... their forcefields make grenades explode for some reason, and the forcefields just don't work later, for some reason.

The ending needed work... sure, it's classic. But, microbes were edgy back in the day, and not so much anymore. Remember how much the joke in Toy Story about Buzz Lightyear wanting to keep his helmet closed? Too bad the aliens here are too dumb. Actually, the re-telling here really hurts... now, instead of it being almost a whim when the aliens invade, it's been planned since before human civilization. Which makes it a thousand times stupider that they didn't keep their helmets on, because they've been on Earth before and somehow didn't notice all of the microbes.

At least before it seemed to be a first contact. Not, they're coming back, and they're still shocked by viruses. Waah waah wahhhhh.

You probably ought to see this movie. It's amazing and affecting and blah blah. Really, you should. It's harrowing, though.

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