Saturday, July 02, 2005

Batman Begins

OK, like I said, old news. One bit was interesting, though--just how much this reminded me of the old Batman, Blind Justice comic. Now, that's a re-release... the orig. game out with Detective 600, and Detective is, I think, above 750, so divide 150 by 12 and you have 12.5 years ago. That actually doesn't seem old enough for the storyline, which had Bruce Wayne framed as a Communist Spy, but anyway.

Basically, it introduced Henri Ducard, and Batman in ninja training fighting lots o' guys. Obviously, BB had a lot of scenes from Year One, including and especially a bunch of bats attacking a SWAT team, but it seemed to be more based on this particular comic, a comic that was conveniently re-released this year.

So, public service announcement, etc.

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