Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Obnoxious Star Wars Questions.

Here is a short list of questions regarding Episodes IV, V, and VI I have after watching III.

  • Why didn't Darth Vader go on a killing spree after the Stormtroopers on Bespin blasted C3PO? He made the robot after all.

  • Why didn't he say to R2, "Wizard! You are in good condition R2."? Or even destroy R2 for "betraying him?"

  • How did Leia remember her mother's smell, and how "she always seemed sad?"

  • If Leia is refering to Mrs. Senator Organa, why should she bring up remembering mom's smell? Why do we care?

  • Why doesn't Chewy ask Ben where Yoda is? Or, tell Luke to say "Unhhhh!" for him?

  • Why does it take like 20 years to build the first Death Star, but like 6 to build the second?

  • How "ancient" is this religion again?

  • What doesn't lead to the Dark Side?

  • Do Luke and Jar-Jar talk about what Luke's mother was like in Episode VII?

  • Oh, and I guess being "force sensitive," you know sensitive to that which binds all living things, means you can't tell that a) your wife is pregnant, and b) it's twins.
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